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Fragrance is invisible. You can’t see your scent — you can only smell it. Molecules don’t have a brand. We are empowering you to understand the facts. When you buy a designer fragrance, you are paying for the brand marketing and advertising.

Some of your designer fragrance oil isn’t inherently stronger or better quality, but they want you to think it is. That’s where we come in. As the leading global supplier of fine fragrance impressions, Preferred Fragrance works with the same world-renowned perfumers and fragrances houses that develop all your favorite designer scents.

We use the latest technology to craft impeccably similar scents to the ones you love. We spend months designing and refining original packaging that is only inspired by the designer label, not an exact copy. We pride ourselves in crafting a fragrance that you can’t wait to show off on your night stand.

Preferred Fragrance carries impressions of all the classic fragrances and releases new launches every month. Finally you can afford to have not one, but multiple signature scents. Save your money for products where brand matters.


The company


For 16 years we have been developing in-house and private label fragrances for domestic and international brands and retailers. Our fragrances offer sophistication and style distinguished by our prestige packaging and high quality scents. Based in New York City, we closely follow the designer fine fragrance industry to be a leader in mass market fragrance. We have a long history of delivering exceptional fragrances at affordable prices, and our goals for the future are even bigger.


Market Research & Industry Trends
Brand Building & Marketing
Fragrance Oil Development
Data-Focused Demographic Scent Targeting
Package Design & Development
International Sourcing & Production
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Regulatory & Quality Control