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Our version of Victoria's Secret® Incredible®


4 reviews
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A fascinating fruity floral perfume with notes of succulent peach, airy lotus flower, and sensuous musk. This aroma is truly Amazing.

100 ML/3.4 FL OZ Eau De Toilette

NOTES: Peach, Lotus, Musk

Main trait: Fruity

Detailed trait: Floral

In a graceful glass spray bottle with a matte white cap designed to simply captivate.

  • Free of Phthalates & Parabens and free of all Proposal 65 banned ingredients.
  • 100% cruelty-free.

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United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing Review

I love this fruity floral smell, smells clean, fresh, floral, fruity in my opinion and just amazing over all, the name honestly says it all! Worth a shot to try, and just like others have said, it really does replicate to Victoria Secret Incredible, which is discontinued and very hard to find and or just very pricey! Resellers are price gouging and want an arm and leg and a kidney for a bottle of VS Incredible, if you're looking for that scent, definitely try this one out and at a very affordable cost! Can NOT go wrong. This is a great scent and I hope they sell it for many more years to come (: Good dupe / version/impression of in my honest opinion.

United States United States
I recommend this product

My review of Amazing by preffered fragrance

This smells so good! Omg let me tell you, I've bought this in the past and I've been trying to find them again for lesser than what they sell on Amazon and other sites, I've finally remembered the name and company and I am so very glad that they still have this and still make it! Words can not describe how happy I am to have finally found it again after so many years of trying to remember what company and what name it was, this smell is amazing! Especially if you like a fruity / floral / sweet but fresh kind of scent this is it! Smells just like the discontinued Victoria Secret Incredible which is so hard to find now since it's discontinued. And if you do people are selling for such a crazy amount !! I am stocking up on this one because to me it smells exactly the same as Incredible side by side and and the price why not?! You pretty much can get 6 of these for the price people are trying to sell the original online for, more bang for your bucks, highly recommend!! This brings bk so many memories! I love this scent and will keep on ordering!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing by preferred fragrance

This is a fruity floral perfume , the aroma to this is truly Amazing, the name says it all! It DEFINITELY reminds me of and is very very similar to the discontinued scent "Incredible" by V.S in my opinion, so that's a very big plus because it's one of my favorite scents ever, and since they (V.S) discontinued it, I can't seem to find it anywhere, and or people are selling for $200? Smh, I seen the preffered fragrance brand a few years bk and got this same exact perfume, and finally found them again and re purchased more of this fragrance, honestly hope they do not disc. It ! It's amazing (: also affordable at $7.99 which is another huge plus!! ( I remember when i bought these were $2.50 to $5 a bottle ) now its $7.99, but other than that $7.99 for this gem now days is definitely is a win !!! Thank you preffered fragrance I hope your prices will stay the same and I hope your business continues to keep on striving (: forever a valuable repeat customer. Highly recommend this scent and this company!

I recommend this product

Review In Amazing By Preferred Fragrance

I love this fuity floral perfume, This aroma is truly Amazing! Hence the name, very cute packaging as well, I love love love that they still have this and still sell it, i bought it for years now and it definitely is similar and reminds me of the discontinued Victoria Secret Incredible, a great and very similar impression of it, and a bonus its affordable! Some say it doesn't smell like it, but to me it does and I'll keep on buying this product because it's that great quality, lasts long and its affordable, I love preferred fragrance they're helping people who cant afford name brand fragrances by making these great smelling products at an affordable price for us, instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for name brand ( that many people can not afford) , I'll take this "knock off" impression of it any time of day! Thank you for this preferred fragrance and keep up the great work and dont you dare ever stop selling this because its my favorite scent! Hope this stays in stock for many years to come, xoxo a very valuable customer.

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