For 16 years we have been developing in-house and private label fragrances for domestic and international brands and retailers. Our fragrances offer sophistication and style distinguished by our prestige packaging and high quality scents. Based in New York City, we closely follow the designer fine fragrance industry to be a leader in mass market fragrance. We have a long history of delivering exceptional fragrances at affordable prices, and our goals for the future are even bigger.

Preferred Fragrance has set the bar even higher to push the boundaries of the industry through design, ideation-to-market turnaround time and retailer growth. When it comes to your signature scent, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. Striving to keep our position of leadership in the beauty industry we constantly evaluate and improve every stage of product development and manufacturing.



Welcome to WHAT WE DO.

Market Research & Industry Trends
Brand Building & Marketing
Fragrance Oil Development
Data-Focused Demographic Scent Targeting
Package Design & Development
International Sourcing & Production
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Regulatory & Quality Control