Womens-Single-Fragrance-11-Item-55138-TATTOOED-BY-INKY--PARADISE-GIRL---PFS-ORIGINAL-FRFounded in 2001, Preferred Fragrance has grown to become the leading distributor of designer-inspired perfumes. The company prides itself on creating products that combine the same premium quality of a designer fragrance with affordable pricing and mass availaility. Our consumers enjoy a high quality, luxury experience at about a third of the price of traditional designer lines.

Preferred Fragrance has also become a leading manufacturer and distributor of private label and licensed business. Premium quality fragrances are produced for broad market appeal with unique
bottles and packaging that are custom designed for each retailer. Our products are sold at over 50,000 retail stores in the US at retailers in the Apparel, Mass, Value priced and Pharmacy sectors.

In addition, Preferred Fragrance has moved into the celebrity fragrance realm by collaborating with popular, trendsetting icons like Jordin Sparks. We conceive and develop a signature scent the speaks to his/her personal style while remaining appealing to an adoring fan base that might otherwise shy away from more expensive buys.

Available in over 250 styles that include bottled fragrances, body sprays, lotions and gift sets, our products offer individuality and playfulness that Preferred Fragrance has come to embody as a brand.